Trust and Estate Administration

After a loved one has died, there are a number of details that must be handled. In some cases, the person's assets will go through the California probate process to ensure bills are paid and property is distributed correctly.

But probate is not required in every case. When a thorough estate plan is in place, you may only need estate administration services. If most assets were held in a trust or living trust, you may need trust administration services. And if the deceased only had a small estate, you may simply need to transfer the title of property.

California Probate Lawyer With Valuable Trust and Estate Guidance

At the Law Offices of Elliott Abrams, we have been providing trust and estate administration services in the East Bay area for more than 30 years. We can assist with probate and nonprobate transfer of assets.

When you work with attorney Elliott Abrams, you will receive prompt, responsive help to cost-effectively transfer property to heirs. His strong tax law background is an asset when you want to ensure that you have minimized taxes to the greatest extent possible, have met all required tax compliance measures and that all tax returns are completed properly and filed on time.

Contact the Law Offices of Elliott Abrams for help with the following trust and estate administration services:

  • Obtaining an appraisal of property
  • Retitling of property and assets
  • Obtaining tax identification numbers for trusts
  • Sub-trust funding for AB trusts or Q-TIP trusts
  • Notifying trust beneficiaries and potential heirs of the existence of a trust as required by law
  • Filing all required tax returns and providing IRS tax audit representation should there be an audit of any filed return

Contact our Walnut Creek law office at 925-947-1333 to schedule a consultation. We regularly represent clients who live out of state but are charged with the task of probating a California estate or handling assets located in California.