When people decide to write a will or start a trust to handle their financial affairs, they often find this is a good time to think about other important questions.

  • What if I become incapacitated? Who will handle my finances or my business?

  • Who will make medical decisions for me if I cannot? What medical care would I want — or not want — to receive in order to prolong my life?

  • Who will care for my children?

The estate planning process is the perfect time to answer these vital questions and to communicate your wishes to your family with advance directives and powers of attorney documents. Not only can you ensure that your wishes are followed, but you relieve your family of the burden of worry should they need to make a decision on your behalf.

At the Law Offices of Elliott Abrams, we understand challenges that can occur in life. We help individuals and families protect their assets and care for their loved ones with estate planning services, wills and trusts, and the drafting of advance directives and powers of attorney.

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Empowering Someone to Make Decisions When You Cannot

  • Power of attorney for property management: This document grants to someone you trust the authority to manage your money, pay your bills or manage your business if you are incapacitated or, for example, if you are just out of the country for an extended period of time. 

  • A power of attorney can also be a useful tool for an adult child to handle the financial matters for an elder parent. If your parent is still quite capable of managing everyday affairs, but needs a bit of help with financial matters, this is a much better option than seeking a court-supervised conservatorship.

  • Advance health care directives (also known as a living will): This document appoints someone to make medical decisions and spells out for your family and health care providers the type and limits of medical care you want to receive. 

With more than 35 years of estate planning experience, attorney Elliott Abrams can help you work through these sensitive issues so your family has clear guidance. Mr. Abrams can explain your options and the costs associated with preparing documents, and then you can decide on the next steps to take.

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