Creating a will is a critical part of any estate plan. This allows you to plan for your family's future by outlining your wishes and illustrating exactly how you would like them to be carried out. At the Law Offices of Elliott Abrams, we have been helping clients draft effective wills for nearly four decades.

If you have questions regarding your estate plan or wish to speak with a skilled Walnut Creek wills attorney, do not hesitate to contact our Walnut Creek, California wills and trusts law firm.

Drafting a Will in California 

A well-drafted will can do many things for you. It can designate who will be your estate administrator, it can establish a guardian to care for your children and it can even set up a trust for your family. A will also establishes how and to whom you want your property distributed.

At the Law Offices of Elliott Abrams, we also help you if you have encountered problems with a will such as a will contest during probate. If there is an issue with any document in your estate plan, you can rely on the knowledge of Elliott Abrams to guide you through it.

Changing Your Will in California

There are times when it is very appropriate to change the terms of your will. Maybe a family member has passed or you have obtained new property that you wish to distribute in a certain way. No matter what issue that has arisen in your life, we can work with you to properly modify your will or trust documents so that they accomplish what you desire and hold up in court in the event of a challenge.

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